Designed and led by Dr. Edna Pasher and Shai Gershon
Inspired by the “City as Classroom” by Marshall McLuhan, Eric Mcluhan and Kathryn Hutchon


There is no smart city without smart education. In order to achieve it we need to start with “teachers first – students second”! Only happy teachers will make our children happy! Happy teachers will re-invent themselves! From “sage on the stage” to “guide on the side” mentoring students of all ages in project-based-learning led by the students! Join our community “the world as classroom” where we do just that! Get in touch with us. Looking fwd to help our children collaborate globally to co-create a better future!

Our vision

We are in the era of the knowledge revolution.

In an era where the changes in the world of employment are changing dramatically, and those who can best integrate into the world of employment are the same people who will know how to create new knowledge, identify a need to be resolved, and initiate a creative and innovative process to create a tailor-made solution.

We need to enable students from all over the world to experience and develop the skills required for an employee and citizen in the New World.

Our strategy

The “World as a Classroom” program enables students to have relevant learning with real-life issues.

The “World as a Classroom” program enables learning that brings together cultures, ideas, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The “World as a Classroom” program teaches how to learn:

Knowing how to ask questions, researching and learning from the first, second and third circle.

Practice data collection and processing skills.

The “World as a Classroom” program develops the skills of self-learning, collaborative, critical thinking, creative thinking and entrepreneurship.

In the “World as a Classroom” program, learners identify a real need in the world, research it, and work in international teams to find a solution.

All in one global classroom.

Shimon Peres wrote in his book “No Room for Small Dreams”:

“Technological advances have built bridges across boundary gaps, languages ​​and cultures.

We need leaders who believe that the world can be changed with creativity and partnership”

Today’s students are the leaders of tomorrow.

The world as a classroom is the opportunity to change the world.

Our webinars:

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