Strategy and Holistic Planning

  1. Holon – the City of Children

    Client: Municipality of Holon. Over the past two decades, the city of Holon has undergone what can only be described as a revolution. It has succeeded in changing its image, positioning itself as a thriving, lively and well-kept city that offers its residents a good quality of life, with an abundance of leisure and cultural activities for everyone, with a special focus on families, kids and teens.

    Holon is now branded as Israel’s “Children’s City,” a focus of attraction and interest and a place to which there is always a reason to return. The change has brought with it a continuing growth in residents’ satisfaction, and the city has attracted new residents, many of them families with young children, who realize that this is a good place to raise kids.

    Dr. Edna Pasher has led the re-branding initiative in Holon together with Hana Herzman, CEO of Holon Municipality, for the past 20 years. Following the remarkable success and long-term experience, Hana is today a member of ISCI.

    Holon Municipality

    Holon – The Research Work on the ‘Children’s City’

  2. Smart City strategy and roadmap for Paphos, Cyprus

    The Institute prepared a strategic vision and a detailed plan (road map) for Paphos municipality. Paphos City’s urban development strategy and an analysis of its unique strengths and current status were the basis for a complete, gradual and innovative plan with many benefits that can be implemented for the city.
    The strategic vision and practical road map were set to build upon two major pillars of the city to develop s third, innovative pillar, with sustainable development initiatives across all domains in a systems approach.
    Client: Municipality of Pafos.
    Led by Edna Pasher, Shmuel Ben Tovim, Avigdor Sharon, Hana Hertsman, Shmuel Barkan and Erez Mizrachi

  3. Smart City strategy and plans in the newly established city of Harish,

    Client: Municipality of Harish. Led by Erez Mizrachi and Yossi Dan 

  4. Smart City consultancy for Nice, France,

    Client: Nice, France. Led by Yossi Dan and Erez Mizrachi

  5. Smart City consultancy to the city of Lisbon, Portugal

    Client: Lisbon, Portugal. , Led by Mr. Luis Gomez

Smart Governance

  1. The “Intellectual Capital of the State of Israel Report

    Client: The Israel Chief Scientist Ministry 

    The Intellectual Capital (IC) of Israel report aims to introduce both the tangible and the intangible assets of the State of Israel for future growth. This report is based on information and data collected from international statistical publications and through key figures in Israel hailing from a broad range of disciplines. The report was funded by the Chief Scientist Ministry (The Innovation Authority). The report maps out many aspects of Israel’s intellectual capital and helps explain the reasons for its success.
    The Intellectual Capital of the state of Israel – 60 Years of Achievements, 2007

  2. The Intellectual Assets of the City of Givataim

    An IP project within the education department of the municipality of Givatayim to collect, manage, protect and utilize the  unique knowledge assets. Related content will be presented online at the city’s website. Currently, we are creating the process for the municipal staff to choose contents to be uploaded and offered to the public on a regular base, on the terms that the municipality will choose. Led by Rachel Pasher Ejkanar,

Smart Living and Resident Engagement

  1. EU-China Trans Urban

    A large consortium of 17 participating institutions, leading transition towards urban sustainability through socially integrative cities in the EU and in China

    1. Describe state-of-the-art policies and strategies (regional, local) to facilitate the digital transition to data-driven decision-making for urban planning and governance in respect to air pollution, transport and mobility, and data sharing for inter-municipal cooperation.
    2. Identify major opportunities and challenges from the outcome of the ‘Community of Communities’ by analyzing the results of the CoC inputs through, e.g., emotion analysis.
    3. Identify the digital transition components starting from Big Data analysis and citizen’s contributions in Living Labs in China for initiating and creating socially integrative cities and facilitating sustainable development in order to support testing, monitoring, benchmarking and assessing impact for promising pathways, services, technologies and scenarios.


  2. “Knowledge Café” for open Municipality – Citizens – Local Stakeholders collaboration

    Municipal clients: Paphos, Holon, Harish and Haifa. For shaping up strategic road-maps, to ensure engagement of citizens and local organizations and to be attractive for residents and families, including from outer regions. Small groups of people were created to brainstorm together and to crystallize innovative ideas that can contribute to the city. Every session began with an explanation about “Creative thinking vs Innovative thinking”, the differences and the reasons that make one idea come to life and the other idea die.

    Report of the Knowledge Cafe in Harish City website (Hebrew)

  3. Research on the linkage between resident, quality of life and technology in Smart City

    Extensive research conducted by Dr. Tzvi Weinstein in 6 major European cities: Dublin, Glasgow, Luke, Oslo, Brussels, Zagreb, and Gdansk. The related book is expected to be published In January 2016 including a chapter on Tel-Aviv – the digital city.

Education and Innovation

  1. Haifa urban education program (Malal) and Education Communities

    Client: Municipality of Haifa. The program “From birth to adulthood” , a working model underlying assumption that the coordination and continuity between the frame surrounding the child throughout the day, will help educators to recognize the child and his needs and give him the most suitable educational needs. The program encourages the community to work together through action groups that are built to handle needs brought up by the educators, parents and students living in the “same space”. Dr. Edna Pasher led the development of the program and tools involved in developing this holistic approach as a PPP that gave boost to the city educational system.

  2. Innovation, Entreprenership and Urban Sustainabilty at Shools – The City is the Classrooms

    A number of projects, facilitating learning courses and workshops with school students at Ramat Gan, Ashdod and Kfar Kasem, Israel. Guiding kids through innovation and entrepreneurship development and through interactive urban environment and sustainability studies. The kids developed initiatives and solutions for their own cities.

  3. “Innovation Club” framework at a large industrial organization

    Client: El Op. Elbit Systems. Establishing and facilitating an innovation ideas network to gather, evaluate and implement employee ideas at a major industrial corporation. More than 5000 innovation and  process improvement ideas were evaluated over a 7 yeas period, causing excellence and process improvement initiatives, saving an estimate of more than 5 M USD. Led by Joseph Golan

  4. Education strategy, process management and implementation

    Clients: Education department in the municipalities of 3 major cities: Haifa, Ramat-Gan and Afula. The projects included consulting services for both local schools and the education departments of the municipalities. The projects covered planning an educational vision, creating a roadmap an accompanying the organizations implementation. Led by Hagai Dafna,

Environment, Sustainability and Green Planning

  1. Organizational consulting to water corporations

    Water and sanitation management. Municipal clients: Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, Shfaram and more.Corporate strategy, organizational structure, emergency assessments and advice to managers. Led by Hagai Dafna,

  2. Smart City Lab in the city of Ashdod

    Client: Ashdod Municipality.  Led by Yossi Dan and Erez Mizrachi

Energy Efficiency

  1. Smart Net

    Client: Israel Electricity Company. A project for improving smart grid and electricity use.

    Led by Mr. Haim Russo as part of his activity in Elbit.

Resilience – Public Safety and Emergency Services Readiness

  1. Disaster plan preparation

    Clients: Various cities in Israel. Building an emergency operational concept, organizational structure (assemblies) and settings functions, writing procedures, teaching and training of officials. Led by Hagai Dafna,

  2. Disaster preparation for schools

    Emergency crews training in all educational institutions. Hundreds of trainees. Led by Hagai Dafna

  3. The Israel Smart & Safe City Conference

    A conference with global participation in Israel. Led each year by Yossi Dan and Erez Mizrachi

  4. The Haifa Cyber City Lab

          A global City hub for and national resilience platform, together with the Home Front Command, to lead technology solutions at             emergency. Lead by Erez Mizrachi

Smart Economy

  1. Blockchain-based Community Currency

    Setting up a local economy strategy that includes elements of “Community Currency” based on Blockchain technology. Lead by Erez Mizrachi at the cities of Harish and Ashdod in Israel and currently in Africa.

Technology and Communications

  1. Researcher- “IoT Europe”

    The “Internet of Things” Research, funded by the 2020H Fund of the European Union. Led by Mr. Yossi Dan and Mr. Erez Mizrachi, 2015

  2. CheckMates Communications and Communities Platform

    Development and Implementation of an internet interactive portal, with communications channels and discussion forums for Check Point, a global internet security corporation. Led by Avigdor Sharon,

    CheckMates – Check Point Partners and Customers Community

Technology – Human Touch

  1. Rehab at Home

    Rehab at Home aimed at dealing with the issue of rehabilitation from a 360° perspective. A remote healthcare computational architecture have been developed based on distributed smart sensors (first processing layer) and personalized physiological assistive and intelligent algorithms integrated in a multilevel physiological human model.

  2. Wear IT @ Work

    The project results in four pilot applications and three take-up applications developed in a cyclic way. In the first 18 months “Show Cases” were realized and evaluated. Based on the experiences gained there “System Prototypes” were developed, which became the basis of the final “Industrial Pilots” in the four dedicated scenarios and the tree take-up applications.
    Results of the project are a technology repository of hardware and software solutions with a continuously updated maturity level classification also for commercial off the shelf components as used in the project.

    Wear IT @Work website

  3. iCareNetThis Horizon 2020 project investigated advances in cognitive theories to develop activity recognition and behavior inference models that can cope with changing concepts and allow dynamic reconfiguration of sensor networks at run time.In this project, we were in charge of needs analysis and solution developmentiCareNet

Transportation, Traffic Control and Mobility

  1. Business model and marketing for Road 6 (Israel largest cross country road)

    Client: Derech Eretz Highways Management Corporation.

    Highway 6 also known as the Trans-Israel Highway is a major electronic toll highway in Israel. Highway 6 is the first Israeli Build-Operate-Transfer road constructed, carried out mainly by the private sector in return for a license to collect tolls on the highway for a given number of years. It is also one of the largest infrastructure projects undertaken in Israel. Dr. Edna Pasher prepared the marketing strategy of the private consortium (2 Israeli and one Canadian companies) which owned this project. The strategy was based on positive ROI without the need of national “safety net”. It also included “green environment” considerations and natural habitat conservation.

    This unique project was documented in a book.

  2. Development of Private and Public Electric Transportation Systems

    Led by Mr. Haim Rousso, 2014-2015

  3. Development of an electric bus system for Singapore

    Client: Singapore. Led by Mr. Haim Rousso, 2014-2015

Other Projects

Our group has also served both private and public sector organization. Some of our renowned clients include: The EU Commission, The Bank of Israel, Bank Leumi, Danya Cebus (Construction), The Technion (Israel’s leading technological engineering university), The Hebrew University, Tel-Aviv University, AMDOCS, TEVA (Israel’s largest pharmaceutical company), Rafael, IAI, IMI, Maccabi Health Services, The Israel Defence Force and many others.