Knowledge and IP assets within the municipality

Dr. Edna Pasher and Adv. Rachel Pasher EIjkenaar

The Israel Smart City Institute (ISCI), together with the municipality of Givatayim in Israel, have completed the mapping and the completion of a full report of the unique knowledge and Intellectual Property (IP) within the Department of Education in Givatayim. Both parties are at the beginning of the next stage of the project – using the knowledge and IP assets – for financial and other gains for the municipality.

Actual IP assets in the form of content packages as copyright protected works, branded with the municipal trademarks- will be offered on the municipality’s web site – for other municipalities to purchase from the city of Givatayim, or in some cases to use under the condition of attribute to the municipality.

The goal of this project is to locate these assets, record them and find ways to use them to their full potential- in benefit of the city.

ISCIS’s vision is that every municipality, in all of its departments, will recognize knowledge and IP as valuable assets and will treat them and use them to their full potential for the municipality’s benefit.

As far as known to us, this is a unique and a first of its kind project. In addition to the benefits of the knowledge and IP assets – such a project can be used as an innovation engine- encouraging both municipal staff and residents(via digital platforms and others), to create more knowledge and IP- that can benefit their municipality.

The project was approved and supervised by the mayor Mr.Ran Kunik, the CEO Mr. Yoram Cohen, Adv. Daniela Gez the municipality’s legal counsel and Mr. Asaf Edri, VP of Administration and Human Resources. The department’s staff, led by Ms. Irit Aharonson, together with Dr. Edna Pasher and Adv. Rachel Pasher Eijkenaar of ISCI- created an inventory of all of the unique knowledge and IP in the department. ISCI created a detailed report , that included a list of knowledge assets- in each of the sub departments , such as: different registration forms, instruction packets, yearly program plans for the after school activities, a lecture series for parents, a data base with activities for youth groups , a unique design for different rooms according to their designated activities, a unique carpool system and much more.

In the next stage, after offering the IP assets online (under different conditions as above mentioned), ISCI will offer activities, such as knowledge cafes for both municipal staff and for interested residents- that will encourage constant and wide spread participation in knowledge and IP creation for the municipality and its residents,

We wish to thank our friends in Givatayim that share our vision of the importance of knowledge and IP assets and hope that other municipalities will join us.

Image: Givatayim Park , Wikipedia Israel, Aviv – Yehonatan Biton, PikiWiki library


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