ISCI Founding Chair keynote at the III Fórum RIES18 Smart City Conference in Pontevedra, Galicia

On October 25th 2018, Dr. Edna Pasher, founder and Chairwomen of ISCI (Israel Smart Cities Institute) will be the keynote speaker during the III Fórum RIES18 in Pontevedra in Galicia, Spain.

Institutions, experts and innovators will gather, from the 24th-25th October, at III Fórum RIES18 to share knowledge, and work together forward a better city quality of life. This 3rd edition of the Forum is co-organized by the Cluster Saúde de Galicia (the Galician Health Cluster), to deep dive into health systems, and their contribution to the economic and social development of Smart Cities – all that powered for instance, through PPP (Public Private Partnership).

“It is an honor every time to be invited abroad and speak about Smart Cities in general and what we are doing in Israel” says Dr Pasher; adding that “this time it is very special, because Pontevedra is already doing much for their citizens – so this step is enabling advanced projects”.

Image: Pontevedra bridge by Lucas Martínez Farrapeira. Creative Commons CC

When looking at their famous “vehicle free city project” (featured last month in The Guardian), no doubt that citizens’ health and quality of life are already in the center of Pontevedra life!

Following the successful June 2018 learning expedition from Galicia to Tel Aviv on the automotive sector, the co-organizers of this trip Axperia Ventures and Challengy (lead by Mr. Yossi Dan and Mr. Erez Mizrachi), have selected ISCI to work with them on specific Galician Smart City projects.

Mr. Armando Priegue-Freire, co-founder and CEO of Axperia Ventures said “during our expedition last June in Tel Aviv with the IGAPE and CTAG, we were amazed by the Israeli innovations that empower the local ecosystem”, and “more than everything, we’ve found several complementary topics where both Galicia and Israel can contribute to each other. Having Dr. Edna Pasher coming all the way to share her insights on Smart Cities & Heath in Pontevedra is a great step in that direction”.

We encourage international Smart City stakeholders to join us at the conference. More details about #RIES18 agenda and registration.

A green roof at the Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University. Image: Avigdor Sharon

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