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Israel Smart Cities Institute

A multi-disciplinary team of world-class experts with a remarkable track record in
municipal development
related areas from both the private and public sectors.
Offering an end-to-end approach, up-to-date insights and a dedicated methodology to smart city establishment.
We look forward to making your city a smarter place.


Our mission is to enhance municipal transformation from standard to Smart urban areas leveraging the Israeli innovative culture and technology.

Our organization has partnered with major cities in Israel in initiating, defining, implementing and delivering ‘Smart Projects’. Some of the municipalities we have been honored to serve are: Tel-Aviv, Harish (new city under construction) Haifa, Holon, Leading in Innovation & Excellence since 1978 Nathanya, Beer-Sheba, Ashdod and more.

The Israel Institute for Smart Cities NGO joins interested municipalities for defining, implementing and delivering smart solutions for improving livelihood.

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Top Areas of Engagement

  • Managing and consulting Smart City Vision initiatives and roadmap planning for sustainable results

  • Introduction and deployment of technologies, policies and innovative models of Smart Cities

  • Integrating academics, community, industry and services to promote Smart Cities

  • Initiating and promoting models of collaboration and cooperation projects between the public and private sectors

  • Develop analysis of tools, methods and resources locally and the worldwide

  • Research and development in the field of Smart cities in Israel and worldwide a pronounced, competitive advantage of the Israeli Institute for Smart Cities is the fact that it offers world-class multidisciplinary experts in all segments addressing the creation of a smart city.

Multi-Disciplinary Expertise

Plan and improve connection with city residents by utilizing E-governance implementation like in DigiTel (Tel-Aviv). Improve accessibility and distribution of information.

Improve education effectiveness by implementing distance learning, VC, knowledge management portal for teachers, students and parents. Establish an E-education concept for municipalities. Collaboration of the whole education eco-system (parents, school and kindergarten teachers, leisure activities etc) having the child in the center. “It takes the whole city to raise a child”

Deployment and integration of communication infrastructure, IT systems support, applications, urban websites, management and sharing of knowledge utilizing IOT (Internet of Things).

Emergency operational concept establishment, information for residents during emergencies, emergency telephone service center, “Safe City” planning, camera layout, command and control system integration and big data analytics.

Smart solutions for traffic reduction and improvement of mobility for residents, tourists and emergency forces. Solutions for smart parking.

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